Terms and Conditions

1- Terminology
1.1- The terminology applies to these terms and conditions: “Client”, “Customer” and “You” refer to the person that is accessing this website and/or using the services provided by the website. “We”, “Us”, “The company” and “the website” refers to the company Reviewapaper.com, which includes the owner and approved representatives of Reviewapaper.com. “Document”, “Text” refers to the document that will or has already undergone our proofreading and editing service. “The service” refers to the proofreading and/or editing process offered by us. The use of the above terminology in the form described or in any other forms (i.e., singular, plural, capitalised, etc) are taken as interchangeable and thus referring to the same. Any use of the above terminology or other words in the singular, plural, capitalisation and/or he/she or they, are taken as interchangeable and therefore as referring to same.



2- Accepting the terms of service

2.1- Access and use of this website and its services automatically deems the client subject to these terms and conditions. A confirmatory checkbox stating the acceptance of these terms and conditions through accessing and using the services will be placed in the submission form. This checkbox functions only as a notice to the acceptance of these terms and conditions via the access and use of the website and its services. Documents submitted via email to our dedicated email (submission@reveiwapaper.com) are automatically subjects the clients to the terms and conditions of this website.



3- Change of use

3.1 We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time. The continual use of this website and its services are deemed as an acceptance to these changes. It is highly recommended to check for any changes in the terms and conditions before completing a transaction.

3.2 We reserve the right to, permanently or temporarily, change or remove the website or any part of the website or the service without notice. The continual use of this website and its services are deemed as an acceptance to the changes. The continual use of the website and its services are a confirmation that we are not liable to the client for any such changes or removals previously stated at 3.1.



4- Confidentiality
4.1- Client records and documents are regarded as confidential. Confidential material will not be knowingly shared to any third parties that are not directly involved in providing the service we provide unless legally obliged to through appropriate authorities. We will keep both original and edited versions of the document provided by the client. Clients can request the documents to be deleted through a written request. We will keep a record of the completed work. Clients have the right to request a copy of their client history that we store.

4.2- The client is responsible for providing accurate personal information which include and are not limited to: name, address, email address and payment details. Failure to provide accurate information would lead to refusal of work or the cancellation of any remaining work without a refund.



5- Privacy policy
5.1- Obligations under the general data regulation act 2018 will be followed by us when handling your data. We place great importance in handling client data with the strict confidence. Personal information, transactional data or any parts of the document handed in will not be shared, distributed or sold to any third parties except for a few circumstances listed. No personal data or parts of the document sent will be shared. However, I reserve the right to disclose client data when mandated by law, any court actions bought against the company, if required to protect and defend the company’s rights and property or in force majeure situations.
5.2- Copies of the document will be kept for 5 years. Clients can request the document to be deleted by sending us a request letter asking for the document to be deleted.



6- Payment
6.1- Payments must be made in full before commencement of service unless agreed otherwise in writing between us and the client. Serviced documents remain the property of the company until all outstanding payments are completed.
6.2- All users are given a free quote. These prices reflect the prices provided on the website, unless agreed upon otherwise. Unless specifically guaranteed in writing, prices may change from the time the quote is issued to the time the work is initiated by us. Any change in prices will be communicated to the client before initiating the service.



7- Delivery via electronic copy via email only
7.1- Serviced documents are returned to the client via the email provided by the client, as an email attachment. Changes are made using the “Track changes” function on Microsoft word. We strongly advice the client to go through every change/suggestion annotated within the document before accepting the change.

8- Limitation of liability


8.1- The Client will always remain responsible for the content of their work. This includes the legality or validity of the content of the work. We do not endorse the content of the client’s work. This includes, but not limited to, harassing, offensive, rebellious or any content contained that infringes on third-party intellectual property rights or crimes facilitated by the work upon its completion by us.

8.2- We are not legally liable for any damage or loss which include, but are not limited to, financial, business or data loss that was claimed to be caused by the use of this website or the service provided by us. This includes late delivery of work or the use of this website being in breach of any institutional regulations relating to the client or his work.

8.3- It is the responsibility of the client to confirm the level of service approved by the institution or body the serviced documents are being sent to and if proof-readying/editing is allowed. A copy of the regulations or an access link to such guidelines should be sent to Us in order to follow them.
8.4- The client must accept that the service is provided to aid the client in their writing only. This service doesn’t constitute professional academic advice. The marks obtained by the serviced documents are beyond our control and thus cannot be held legally responsible for results that are lower than expected.

8.5- Although We will try our best to remove any errors within the paper, we do not guarantee this.

8.6- In relation to documents for publication, we do not guarantee that the use of this service would guarantee publication. Furthermore, as journals different in their stylistic preferences, I do not guarantee that the amendments made by this website would fit exactly with what the journals want.

8.7- Any potential legal issues or copyright issues that may arise from the document are not the responsibility of this company.


9- Cancellation
9.1 No refunds will be provided if the service provided has been deemed to have begun or is already underway.

9.2 Refunds will only be provided the client in extreme circumstances.



10- Force majeure
10.1- In the occurrence of any event beyond the control of either or both Us and the client, no party shall be liable for any failure to perform any obligation under any agreement. This includes, but not limited to, man-made or natural disasters outside of the party’s control, which causes the cancelation of the agreement. Any party affected by such an event should inform the other party of such events and should reasonably venture to comply with agreement thereafter.



11- Security (Viruses)
11.1- We maintain the right to refuse or cancel work if we suspect that a file has been contaminated by a virus. if the work has already been started prior to viral detection, an appropriate refund will be calculated that coincides with the work done.


11.2- Although we will try to ensure that all files sent from our devices are virus-free, we do not guarantee that. It is the responsibility of the client to check that all emails and attachments are virus-free prior to access.



12- Copyright
12.1- Clients that submit documents to this website retain the copyright over the document. Documents that have been serviced by Us become the copyright property of the client. Therefore, the content of the finished work is the sole responsibility of the client. It is the responsibility of the client to check for any plagiarism within the document sent to us as we do not check for plagiarism. It’s the client’s responsibility to review the contents of the document send to the website and documents received after the completion of the service. Amendments made to the document resulting from the service provided by us are advice only. Responsibility to further alter, accept or reject the document falls on the client.